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How to look after your Lawn - Spring

With spring time beginning and the growing season kicking off, now is a vital time to ensure your lawn is prepared for the warmer weather approaching. A spring lawn care routine will ensure your lawn is kept in perfect condition and will make your garden look fantastic.

After a long, hard Winter, your lawn may be in need of some care. which we will discuss options for below:

Moss and Weeds:

For Lawns where moss and weed is a consistent problem, a simple solution is to use a granular lawn product containing feeding, weed control and moss control. At Glenavy Garden Centre, we recommend to use Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4in1. This should not be applied within 3 days of cutting the associated area.

For Lawns where moss is the only issue, we recommend to use Miracle-Gro Evergreen Mosskill. This feeds and greens the lawn and prevents moss from suffocating areas for grass-growth. It is recommended to rake and remove moss, which has turned black, from

the lawn. This will allow the promotion of grass growth.

For Lawns where weed is the only issue, we at Glenavy Garden Centre recommend to use a liquid lawn weedkiller such as Weedol, Resolva or Roundup weedkiller. Spray these directly onto the broad leafed weed. These weedkillers are specifically designed to kill the weeds but leave the grass unaffected.



Mowing is something every lawn needs in order to stay healthy an presentable. Perform the first grass cut of the year in Spring (around Mid-March). You should aim to mow the grass 2-3 times in March and 3-4 throughout the rest of Spring and Summer.

  • For the first mowing in spring or after allowing the grass to grow long, Set the cutting height to the highest setting. Thereafter, gradually reduce the height of cut until the desired height is reached. For fine lawns, this will be 6-13mm (¼-½in). For ordinary ornamental lawns this will be 13-25mm (½-1in) in summer and up to 40mm (1½in) in spring and autumn.

  • Avoid excessively close mowing, as although attractive, it can weaken the grass, encouraging shallow rooting and making the lawn more susceptible to drought, weeds and moss. Close-mown lawns need more frequent feeding and watering. Extremely low cutting may scalp the lawn, leaving bare patches where there are bumps or tree roots protruding above the surface.

  • On the other hand, lawns regularly cut too high can suffer from loose, weak growth that is less durable as a surface


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